Sunday, October 24, 2010

1st ever hatrik in amature career

ON 23 of october 2010 malaya hockey had a friendly match against X sains johor.guess who won?we did!!..mwahahahaha...but personally for me it was a big moment 4 me.because....on that fateful night..i had scored my 1st ever hat-trick(for those who dont know what hat trick is when a player scores 3 goals in 1 match)...hu3...moreover,i set up a couple of goals for my teammates as we went on to win 7 5...yeah..although the defense need a little bit tuning,the forwards are combining better now..i just hope that we will continue to combine well as kl league is starting soon.thank you 2 gafur(1 assist) and afif(2assist) who helped me gain my 1st ever hat-trick....and thank you for my new eepro hockey feels light and prevent me from slipping on the wet turf...i started last nigths game not so well because i started as a left half.i dont like playing as a midfielder.but later on the second half,i was switched into a left wing position.from that point i started playing better.under 1 minute of the start of the 2nd half,the ball came to me and i played a through ball to are choi who scores our 3rd goal.after that i received a through ball from gafur on top of the circle,beat the defender and push the ball home for our 4th goal,our 5th goal came when i received the ball from the right and scored again with a push inside the semi circle..and our 6th goal came when i got the ball on the left flank,bring it up front and made a reverse stick pass to afif who scored our 7th goal,lastly,at the dying moments of the game i received the ball inside the semi circle from afif on the right side takes the ball on to the reverse stick side and made a reverse stick shot and scored my 1st ever hat-trick...thank you very much...:P

Monday, September 27, 2010

fb.?ur mutual fren is...everyone???r

well evrybody knows facebook nowadays....its the most popular social networking site there is...but...the wierd thing is...when u wanna add somebody...u always look at their profile....whats mind bobling is....evrytme you look at their mutual frenz...doesnt it bothers you that evry sgle prson has at least 1 mutual fren???i guess nowadays we can say that evryones connected...rte????

Friday, September 24, 2010

my far....

well i started playin hockey when i was in smka that time i played hockey coz thats the only sport that have training n teaches newbies how to play..(i wasnt exactly active in sports at that time):P .....other sports were just 2 break a sweat or two in the evening...the 1st tme i went to the field 4 the 1st tme,i got a tap in d back...i was sprised,then i turned n saw a tall was my senior zharif.....he was one of the best hockey plyer in the school....then,i got to the field and saw a few of my friends alredy there...for the first few months....i dint get to even touch the freshies only get to train on the side of the field and watch the big boys was somewhat depressing,frustrating,and only move the stick as if u were dribbling a hockey imaginary one that is..... :P then,day after day...less freshie turned up for training...but then all of that boring training,i met a few of my latep,sadiq n,...thats about it...but thats not a bad thing bcoz we're still close until now...after a few months...i finally got to do some real training...our coach ustaz amin started training us....i was happy...but...sometimes i wonder why i played hockey...i had to dribble the ball over n over n over n over n...over again until my arms feels like its gonna come off or something...i trained day in and day out....and i bought my first ever hockey was a mercian stick...tho its quite heavy...i keep using it s it was the only stick that i have....(but now the stick has long gone...:( )...bla3....n then come the time 4 the selection of the school hockey team....n my turn to play come...just after 1 minute...i got hit by a ball...n was injured...n i din mde d the team that year...
so after that,i decided to train very hard n by d time i was in form 3...i was appointed the captain of the under 15 team...that year we won the district level..i scored ny 1st ever goal that day...:')..n made a record of conciding 0 goal...mwahahahah....even the goalie get to sleep in the goal post coz theres no shot to be stopped...ha3...:P...thnx to the team defenders then...bonzai...n urs truly...:P
now im in d team malaya hockey n  currently preparing 4 kl's hockey league...i even get to play with one of malaysia's hockey legend..nasir maidin...he used to play for malaysia with mirnawan of the best forward in the day i hope to be like him...hu3....well...thats where hockey n me r now...:)wish me luck...:)