Sunday, October 24, 2010

1st ever hatrik in amature career

ON 23 of october 2010 malaya hockey had a friendly match against X sains johor.guess who won?we did!!..mwahahahaha...but personally for me it was a big moment 4 me.because....on that fateful night..i had scored my 1st ever hat-trick(for those who dont know what hat trick is when a player scores 3 goals in 1 match)...hu3...moreover,i set up a couple of goals for my teammates as we went on to win 7 5...yeah..although the defense need a little bit tuning,the forwards are combining better now..i just hope that we will continue to combine well as kl league is starting soon.thank you 2 gafur(1 assist) and afif(2assist) who helped me gain my 1st ever hat-trick....and thank you for my new eepro hockey feels light and prevent me from slipping on the wet turf...i started last nigths game not so well because i started as a left half.i dont like playing as a midfielder.but later on the second half,i was switched into a left wing position.from that point i started playing better.under 1 minute of the start of the 2nd half,the ball came to me and i played a through ball to are choi who scores our 3rd goal.after that i received a through ball from gafur on top of the circle,beat the defender and push the ball home for our 4th goal,our 5th goal came when i received the ball from the right and scored again with a push inside the semi circle..and our 6th goal came when i got the ball on the left flank,bring it up front and made a reverse stick pass to afif who scored our 7th goal,lastly,at the dying moments of the game i received the ball inside the semi circle from afif on the right side takes the ball on to the reverse stick side and made a reverse stick shot and scored my 1st ever hat-trick...thank you very much...:P